Monday, July 28, 2008

Johns forehead surgery!!

Okay Okay I know I am so far behind in posting that I don't even know if I can catch up. We are going to give it a try and start up again. So sorry for making every one wait for so long but it has been a very very busy month. I know, along with everyone else. Sleep deprivation and lack of time to wait for my computer to upload pictures put a delay in the enthusiasm of posting. So here goes.
John had forehead surgery a month ago and so I went into their surgical room with him and took pictures of everything. Zach was with us because it was supposed to be a quick surgery which ended up taking longer because the doctor cut a vein and had a hard time getting it to stop bleeding. ENJOY!!!!

Zach kept asking through the whole procedure "Is Daddy Dead?" They draped his head with a cloth and Zach couldn't see his face or anything so after they took the shield off John thought it would be funny to act as if he really was dead. Zach DID NOT appreciate this. We laughed though!!

John Loves that he has another battle scar wound to name. I will work hard to keep my posts forthcoming from here on out....