Thursday, May 22, 2008

Anyone for a barbeque?

So are neighbors, Stephanie and Mark got this new barbeque grill at the end of last summer and she went out there and heard russling sounds coming out of it. She thought it was a mouse, so she wouldn't dare go near it, until she saw twigs hanging out of it. And then started to wonder.

I guess their barbeque days will be held off until they hatch. I suggested they warm their nesting area up just a couple of degrees so they would hatch faster. I don't think they appreciated that idea. Hey I wasn't trying to cook them, just speed up the incubation period. She opened it up to see THIS!!!

If anything made me spring happy this did!!! And then the rains, and the winds came. Blasting weather can't make up it's mind. NO wonder why they can't hatch. Inconsistant temperatures. Can't wait to see the final product....

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Dinner with American Fork Police!

John and I allowed our son Aaron and his friend, Nathanial (change of name to protect the innocent.) to walk home from school. It is about 7-8 miles from our home, but Nathanial had already done it once and we could see no harm in a lot of exercise and great conversations. John and I proceeded to go out to enjoy a dinner on the town when my cell phone rang. I answered it trying to figure out the number that was ringing through. When a younger voice said. "Hello this is the American Fork Police Dept and we are here with your son Aaron and his friend Nathanial.

My heart STOPPED for a second I have to say. John went from smiling to trying to figure out who the heck I was talking too. I just kept saying "yes, okay, uhum, and thank you." I don't think I was thinking to clearly as I was talking to this officer, Sariah(again, change of name to protect the innocent) was trying to ring through. I actually smiled at that point because the officer had just told me that he just got off the phone with Nathanials mother, explaining the situation so all I wanted to do was get off the phone with the officer so I could talk to Sariah.

Come to find out some lady, (Unknown person to this point) saw Aaron and Nathanial leaning over the overpass with something in their hands and she thought they were going to chuck it onto the freeway. I could go on and on with this story but Aaron and Nathanial were found innocent and finally released.

When John and I got done with dinner we drove to find them. Aarons face was PRICELESS when he saw us. John's first question was did you pee your pants? Aaron said NOOOO. John's response, "Not even a little trickle?" (Aaron not smiling) NO! Nathanial was standing right next to him. What else was he going to say.

Nathanial was just ticked off that he couldn't beat his first time record. All in all it was an eventful encounter they will always remember.

Good experiences this young keep them on their toes and away from the wrong side of the world RIGHT? We'll see!!!

Almost blown Tooth Fairy!!!

So my son Josh is 7 years old and hadn't lost any of his teeth. If you know Josh and what we have been going through with him lately you will understand the fact that he is a huge worry wart.

His first tooth became loose and he was estactic about it. The estactic part wore off quickly to worrying that he would swallow it or choke on it in the middle of school or in the night. He had been calling home saying that he was sick which eventually ended up with us finding the true reason which was because he didn't want to bleed or swallow anything at school.
After three days of this I was loosing my mind. He wouldn't let me touch it and if I was able to come near it he would put his hand over mine to control the pressure that was put on the tooth. I told John about why he had been calling home and he went into action. He told Josh that he wanted to look at it. Reached in and in 1/2 of a second had the tooth pulled out. Josh was shocked at first but then releived....He was then told that he would have no reason to not go to school on monday. Which leads me to the second half of the story.

The worry of the tooth then led to:
His stomach hurting all the time.
His BRAIN hurting when he walked or ran (Whose kid knows what the brain feels like?)
A big red dot when he looked at things.
He worried about a movie that he watched 2 weeks ago
His eyes that can't see now

YES, I took him to the doctor and they think that he is a little guy that worries about everything. They Prescribed him Zantac. Which by the way cost more than my first born. But lets just focus on the eye thing for a minute....

We went to get the prescription filled when he found the grandpa reading glasses on the wheel a deal stand and put on a pair... He fell in love with them and then all of sudden he really needed glasses because he couldn't see. DO YOU SEE why I am so tired lately. So the whole ride home I had to hear him complain about how he couldn't see and how badly he needed glasses. Finally I said "Josh you give me one good example in your life where you can prove you need glasses and we will talk about it."
He sat there for a minute and then said. "Okay, you know how when I lost my tooth and you and Dad couldn't find it for a while." Which was true we had to borrow one of Aarons old teeth for the night. Shhhh. The dumb tooth wasn't even the same size or color but we threw it in a ziplock brought it up to him turned out the light and handed it to him...
I think he was feeling it wondering how in the world it grew bigger. He didn't ask questions we didn't elaborate on anything. Well John was supposed to exchange it out while Josh was sleeping and he forgot... Josh woke up looked under his pillow and saw the tooth there. He went downstairs to tell John that the tooth fairy didn't come... Somehow John got to his room before Josh found him and switched it out. When Josh found John and told him John said "Are you sure, you might want to check again," so Josh went back up and found the money. He was perplexed for a while and then went on his way. So in the van he says. "Mom thats why I need glasses because I woke up and saw the tooth and went down stairs and then went back up and there was the money. Now do you see mom my eyes are not working right, Can I have glasses now?
What the crap do you say to that!!! I only blame myself for some of his problems but truly what kid could come up with an excuse that fast for needing a pair of grandpa reading glasses. Next I'll be hearing about Josh's worries and concerns about the tooth fairy, and why she isn't doing her job right!!
All I can say is that praying for me can't hurt!!!