Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Finally they are here!!!

Okay so they aren't freshly hatched. They are now 5 weeks old but this is how long it has taken me to get them blogged. We welcomed Max and Camri into our crazy world on June 30th. Max weighing in at 7lbs 60z. and Camri weighing in at 7lbs. Both 18inches long. If your thinking wow those are not tiny twins, imagine what my sister Becky was feeling. Our hearts broke for her every day. When she came out from the c-section the first question I asked her was how are you feeling? She said oh I feel GREAT!!!! So sometimes I guess major surgery is a walk in the park compared to the pain you were feeling before.

They are blessing them on Sunday because Max already can't fit into his shoes.... Healthy little turkeys. Love them so much!!!

If you see me walking around like a zombie. This would be ONE of the reasons. I could pull out a whole other book for my other reasons but that would have to be another blog... And so far I have way out done myself with 2 blogs already in a month. Kee Kee kee....