Sunday, November 23, 2008

Everyone's thankful Miriam's post has changed!!!

Yeah Yeah Yeah, I am so sick of people telling me that they are sick of looking at the same post. So to appease all you naggy people this will be short and to the point.

We are heading to Oregon to spend Thanksgiving with Johns sisters and Father. Wish us all the luck. Actually pray for us..

The last vacation we went on it was basically a ring around the barf circle. One threw up and then the other saw it or smelt it and they threw up and the circle finally stopped at the fourth kid. FUN TIMES!!!! Thus is why we never travel during the day anymore. Benadryl and bedtime has helped us travel.

We are leaving Wed, in the MORNING and driving straight through. I bought Costco out of all their black 30 gallon trash bags and thought I'd be safe and emptied their gallon size ziplocks also.

People say that memories fade, well guess what? Until you have been in a car with four kids barfing, with no barf bags and having to ride the rest of the trip with windows down and clorox wipes shoved up your nose to disguise the smell I have nothing to say to you.

To make matters worse, Our windows on our so dependable vehicle don't roll up..... They roll down just fine but hey, if you didn't read the last blog entry on the whole birthday car times you might want to catch up. I'm just saying, there can be no barfing in the car when the windows don't work.....

Please continue to laugh in mockery, but also say a little prayer for us. John is working graves to top it off so I can feel the fun times rolling around the corner.

So about January or February I will get around to telling you how the trip went. Kee Kee Kee

Remember the prayer thing!!!! You can stand, sit, squat, run, I don't care, just pray... I think I am going to medicate myself this time!