Saturday, May 3, 2008

Dinner with American Fork Police!

John and I allowed our son Aaron and his friend, Nathanial (change of name to protect the innocent.) to walk home from school. It is about 7-8 miles from our home, but Nathanial had already done it once and we could see no harm in a lot of exercise and great conversations. John and I proceeded to go out to enjoy a dinner on the town when my cell phone rang. I answered it trying to figure out the number that was ringing through. When a younger voice said. "Hello this is the American Fork Police Dept and we are here with your son Aaron and his friend Nathanial.

My heart STOPPED for a second I have to say. John went from smiling to trying to figure out who the heck I was talking too. I just kept saying "yes, okay, uhum, and thank you." I don't think I was thinking to clearly as I was talking to this officer, Sariah(again, change of name to protect the innocent) was trying to ring through. I actually smiled at that point because the officer had just told me that he just got off the phone with Nathanials mother, explaining the situation so all I wanted to do was get off the phone with the officer so I could talk to Sariah.

Come to find out some lady, (Unknown person to this point) saw Aaron and Nathanial leaning over the overpass with something in their hands and she thought they were going to chuck it onto the freeway. I could go on and on with this story but Aaron and Nathanial were found innocent and finally released.

When John and I got done with dinner we drove to find them. Aarons face was PRICELESS when he saw us. John's first question was did you pee your pants? Aaron said NOOOO. John's response, "Not even a little trickle?" (Aaron not smiling) NO! Nathanial was standing right next to him. What else was he going to say.

Nathanial was just ticked off that he couldn't beat his first time record. All in all it was an eventful encounter they will always remember.

Good experiences this young keep them on their toes and away from the wrong side of the world RIGHT? We'll see!!!


Jenn said...

I was wondering when you would blog that little event!! tehehe!! By the way I loved the names changed to protect identies!!

Mag Family said...

Nice name changes. I have no clue who you are talking about. Great story. Dang nosy people anyway.

karenlouise said...

Wow...quite the story. I love reading your's like I'm there talking with you. Mirm it was sooo good to see you the other day...I sure have missed you!

Heidi said...

I was starting to think Aaron might have actually done something bad! I couldn't imagine that being the case and was relieved to know he's just as innocent as ever.

hedrad said...

Hilarious! Wish I had a story like that...oh wait...I have plenty. Thanks for sharing.