Thursday, April 17, 2008

Flap Flaps with dinner!!

John's cousin Becky Preece came down for a convention for Scentsy, so she called and asked us to join her and her friend Theresa for dinner. We met at the Myan Restaurant and gabbed for 45 minutes while we waited to be seated. Becky's baby Addyson came with her, probably because she is only three months old but most likely because her food supply was attatched to Becky. Addyson is cute as a button too. Anyways, since it was John and three women with a baby we were definately getting some good looks. I wondered if I had FLDS written on my forehead or something.
I'm sure John was uncomfortable but he was a trooper and joined in on all the jokes and made us all feel special like a husband should. Ya done good John!!! For those who haven't been to the Myan it is set up like a 2 story jungle with a story line of guys and a girl who jump off the cliffs into the water at the bottom. We couldn't hear what Mr. Chief Master was saying but we sure got a kick out of the guys... They of course had their flap flaps on and that is all that needs to be said about that. Maybe it was more entertaining for us because Becky and Theresa were adding their own stories from their vacation to Hawaii and the flap flaps they wore there or lack of.
Memories and good times. Anyways it was fun and entertaining and we laughed a lot. It would be a fun place to go with your family though. There were kids ready to leap off and join in on the fun. I know Josh would've been right there. So a big Thank you to Becky and the entertaining night. It was great to meet and get to know Theresa. She was awesome and so easy to talk to. It's always a little uncomfortable to go out and eat with someone that you've never met before and more so for them, but I have to say that I loved the company and the night. Maybe it's because we don't get out much so we made the most out of it. Now that our lives are back to the same old thing I'm gonna have to get creative with the whole blogging thing. That should be funny in it's self!!! Signing off with Great times, Good laughs, and some funny humored stories of Flap Flaps.


Vishous said...

FLDS... now THAT is funny! John is a P-I-M-P!

Stacie Raddatz said...

During our Nashville trip, the bus driver found out we were from Utah and asked what wife # I was to Mike. That whole FLDS thing really creeps me out, especially when I found out they believe "the higher the hair, the closer to God." You guys are certainly going to h-e-double hockey sticks for flat bangs! Anyway, nice too Becky and cute baby girl.

Jackie said...

Hey John is always up for a good time, even if it is with a bunch of women. He is well rounded that way.

So young womens pres huh? Holy cow grab your shovel you are in the trenches now! I love working with the youth, but it is just that WORK. Oh man you get to go back to girls camp! That is the very best part. Too bad I am not there to keep you up all night.

Heidi said...

I've been to that yummy resturaunt and loved it! Glad you guys could go and enjoy. Maybe next time we come down I can get a group of women for John to take out. He's good at that.