Sunday, March 2, 2008

John Posting-
Dad stopped by today. I hope he found it to be a nice break from the framing project that brought him to Utah in the first place. We took him out to eat to Teppanyaki (Bennihana clone). The food was great, the cook was annoying. There was a boy at the table with us, though, who was in awe by everything being done. He kept me entertained, anyway. After dinner we came back to our place for games and talk. I really don't know what it is about the Raddatz drive to win, but I don't think Dad was too happy when I KICKED HIS BUTT!!! Oh, well. I had fun. Aaron and Meg played, too, and got a laugh watching Grandpa deal with his consternation. Good times. It was good talking to him, too. I know I'm a guy and incapable of any kind of emotional bond to my father, but hearing him talk about the way Heidi, Heather, and Stephanie take care of him in Portland made me want to be in a position to spend more time with him. I know the kids get a lot out of his visits, whether he thinks so or not. We had a great time!


Stephanie said...

I love the picture. Thanks for the update. Maybe you two should think about moving to Portland. Nah, I'm outta here in a few years. Keep posting John and Mirm. I'll be checking daily to get my Raddatz fill!

Heidi said...

Happy to hear that Dad has good things to say about us. Sometimes we wonder if we do enough. He sure loves his boys and was thrilled to have some time to spend with you.

As far as game playing goes, you might have beaten Dad but I'm your real competition! We'll see who the real champ is in a couple weeks!!