Monday, March 10, 2008

"Tag response" The real JOHN!- Mirm

So I guess it's up to me to respond on the whole husband tag. I don't think I really need to say much because if you have been reading the blog, you pretty much get the jist of who he is!!!!

How long have you been married? Almost 15 years..... Time has flown by. And were still finding things out about each other. Not too many, but sometimes you can open a closet you haven't been through yet.

Who does the dishes? Mostly me, but he knows how happy it makes me when I walk in the house to no dishes...

Who cooks dinner? Again, since he works grave yard shift, I do it. We would all starve if we had to wait for him. Don't get me wrong He CAN cook. He makes the meanest Chocolate Chip Cookies ever.

Who does Laundry? I DO!!!! He won't fight me on this one. This is one thing he won't do. We've had some coloring problems in the past.... Although he will IRON!!! I'll give him that job any day.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? We BOTH do? Figure that one out!!!! Since he sleeps during the day and I sleep while he's at work we've learned to SPRAWL!!! It's really quite nice. I don't know if we will ever be able to sleep together in the same bed again...

Who does the finances? That would be me!!! This one KILLS John!! He works his butt off every week to have it directly deposited into the account with no visual of any green stuff and then by the time he does see the account there is nothing left. Finances is not a happy subject at our house. We avoid debt because we can't afford debt!!!

Who wears the pants? We both do!!! It really depends on who has more sleep that day! The kids have really started figuring this one out.

How old is he? Just old enough to not be so young any more! He's 37, with 38 squealing around the corner. I will admit, I am 3 months older and boy is he so proud of that.

How long did you date? We went on ONE date and then he proposed to me!!! I think he realized that he was starting to lose his hair and it was then or never. I have never asked him how many others he asked before me. LOL. We were married three months later. Have never been happier in my life. He is truly my BEST friend!!!

Where did you meet? He lived three houses down from my house. Don't think we were lovers growing up either... That is another chapter of another book!! It's a MIRACLE that we ended up together.

What does he like to do? He just likes sitting and listening to his wife babble on and on. By the time he wakes up I have a whole day of stories waiting for him. And since I really haven't talked to any adults he gets it all.. He is very patient with me.. He really didn't do much at all until he realized that he really needed a hobby of some sort besides wife lingo. He has started fishing and loves every minute of it. That is where he energizes enough strength to come back to the home front and take more wife babble. He took me once and that was a real treat!!! He said my talent for fishing was unexplainable. He didn't even know that the trees were there until he was climbing them to get his hooks out..

I just need to let him know how much I lOVE him!!! He is truly a happy person who does all he can to provide for his family by putting in long hours and two jobs a lot of times.... He hates his job but the kids have no idea because he doesn't bring his work home with him.. Okay, sometimes, but those stories can't be left there. I can't even imagine what my life would be like without him. We have four wonderful children because of him. I was just the carrier.. Okay, one of the kids looks like me! He is truly the best thing that has ever come into my life, that has changed it for the better. I look forward to several more long and blissful years....


Stephanie said...

I love that picture of John on the Oregon Coast. (insert cat call)

Heidi said...

I just feel lucky to have such a cool bro!

Jackie Mortensen said...

Amen to the chocolate chip cookie thing! There is nothing like a sunday evening when there is a knock on the door and one of the Raddatz kids is holding a plate of hot chocolate chip cookies for you. Those were the days!

Raddad said...

In answer to your question about how many others he proposed to before you, if I remember correctly, it was six or seven. JUST KIDDING. It's just that after he finally got around to proposing to you I hoped there would be a few more. JUST KIDDING! You know I love you and what is even better, the happiness I feel when I am with the two of you reminds be of another time in my life when I felt that same happiness with someone else. Wow, this is getting a bit heavy and my alergies seem to be acting up because my eyes are watering up. I could never even come close to telling you how happy I am you said yes.